Business architecture
  • The red carpet ticket

    Invitation to Venice Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Milan and Paris Fashion Week

  • All kinds of chemical bulk commodities

    Crude oil, natural gas, diesel oil

  • Gas window period

    Operate gas window channels


Typical cases

Shanghai lauren left consulting management co., LTD is located in Shanghai chongming district and town, companies operating projects have enterprise management consulting, business information consultation, tourism information and electronic commerce, culture and art exchanges and planning corporate image planning marketing planning advertising design, production release is engaged in the computer science and technology in the field of technology research and development, technology consultation, technology transfer and technical services. Our company's main oil and gas, the fashion of financing docking government trade, spot with gasoline, light cycle, South Korea, Formosa 150, Formosa 500, naphtha, xylene gas window can cooperation, diesel ultra low-cost aviation fuel glycol, spot in the Middle East crude oil and crude oil, Brazil's luiz inacio lula da silva, crude oil, such as chemical cleaning metro equipment resources and Italy.


News reports
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